G-7 BeaSt POI

DualSource LED moving head

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  • IP66-rated moving head with a long-throw LED beam and a white LED direct-view source
  • 50000 lumen and 85,000 lux at 10 meters
  • 18 colors including CTO filter, 6000K / 8000K color temperatures, 6 rotatable aerial effects
  • Ideal application: long-throw and high-visibility outdoor applications
  • 5-year warranty with patented built-in dehumidifier
  • Wireless DMX and RDM controllable, flicker-free
  • Corrosion class C5-M (marine) makes it ideal for coastal and offshore installations
  • Superior thermal management and IP66-rated for a practically maintenance-free operation

The G-7 BeaSt is a dual-purpose moving head specialized in aerial beams and high-power direct view effects. Its glass parabolic reflector collimates multiple reflections into one coherent beam of light, while a rounded array of LEDs, inserted in the center of the reflector, delivers a high-power white effect. Due to its wide lens aperture, projection capabilities, and outstanding looks, the G-7 BeaSt creates an innovative system specially interesting for long-throw applications, big-scale architainment setups, and versatile installations.

The G-7 BeaSt POI is designed and manufactured in Denmark and blends in with permanent installations where highly visible beams of light are needed. If features aerial effects, frost, media patterns coming from two different light sources, and a wide selection of colors. Heat sinks, front, and base plate are made from extruded or pressure cast marine grade aluminum, Oxsilan ® pre-treated, and powder coated to corrosion class C5-M marine grade. The yoke and fan covers are made of durable materials, including impact and UV resistant P6.

LED Technology
The G-7 BeaSt POI features a powerful 360W white LED engine in combination with a 440W SMD array. Both lightsources work at their maximum output when operated independently, and they can also build effects together within a 640W limitation. With 102 lumen per watt, the G-7 BeaSt is the most efficient luminaire in the SGM product range. The LEDs expected lifetime is 20,000 hours.

With a well-defined and narrow beam, The G-7 BeaSt POI makes a difference in large outdoor installations. It mounts a special optical system based on multiple reflection collimation over a glass parabolic reflector. This system allows the unit to output a powerful parallel beam of light with a 320mm (11") lens aperture, with a remarkable performance in applications such stadium roofs, amusement resorts, or cruiships. The motorized convex reflector shapes the light as a sharp cone, when the beam is collimated beyond 10 meters. The secondary lightsource consists in multiple LEDs with individual lenses, inserted in the center of the reflector for optimized direct view looks.

With a fat-beam throw of 85,000 lux at 10 meters, and a secondary light source able to reach 50,000 lumen, the G-7 BeaSt POI offers a performance way above of its size. When both LED engines are used together, the fixture is able to keep the same lux values. Because of the IP66-rating, the internal reflectors are always clean, resulting in maximum brightness at all times. Worst case scenario, the front glass must merely be wiped off, effectively eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance, which is a huge time and cost saver.

Aerial FX
The G-7 BeaSt POI features an unique aerial projection, thanks to its bright parallel beam of light, 6 rotatable gobos (2 split colors, 3 gobo patterns, and 1 frost filter), expandable beam, and special animation effects. This product has been optimized for high visibility, and therefore it is ideal for beam effects that need to be seen from a distance.

IP rating
The durable IP66-rating of the G-7 BeaSt POI ensures that the unit is kept free from externally induced particles and liquids, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution, and humidity. It is ideal for outdoor applications, while being practically maintenance-free makes it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor installations as well.

The internal built-in dehumidifier protects this fixture from moisture, pollution and any other factors that can generate corrosion. The patented SGM dehumidification, not only removes humidity, but also prevents oxidation and condensation, while a gore-tex membrane equalizes internal pressure to prevent leaks. Learn more about dehumidification.

Thermal management
To achieve optimum performance of the LEDs at all times, this powerful luminaire is optimized to manage heat impact through SGM's unique thermal management technology. The technology consists of a uniquely designed body and heat sink, which ensures optimal cooling of the LED chips. Additionally, the special aluminium alloy and surface treatment ensures maximum heat dispersion while the fan-assisted cooling ensures optimal performance at any time and under any conditions (such as variable temperatures, limited airflows, confined installation spaces, etc.). Like all SGM products, the G-7 BeaSt POI consists of SGM's superior thermal management technology and it is tested under extreme hot and cold conditions, which ensures that the LEDs always operate within safe parameters. Learn more about SGM thermal management.

Mounting options
The G-7 BeaSt POI can be mounted in any direction. Additionally, M-10 bolts are included, which ensures the fixture can be tightly screwed to a surface, protecting it from both vandalism and theft. The M-10 are suitable for any kind of custom-made bracket and are included with all POI fixtures. Handles can be found in the base as well to help users mount the fixture.



Included SGM technologies

This thermal management techonology provides Advaced Temperature Control monitored via sensors and software, keeping optimal LED junction temperatures, and ensuring maximum reliability for long-term use. SGM's predictive color mixing algorithm compesates the decay levels of color-based LEDs for superior color rendering. Finally, the ThermalDriveTM system includes cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal tecniques and active forced-air cooling (depending on the product), specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency while extending fixture's lifetime.

SGM uses Full Range Calibration in all LED fixtures over CIE space and black body curve, measured via spectrometer and SGM Illumination Lab software. The consistency of each product and its lifetime expectancy is monitored throught inbuilt sensors to compensate color shifting and to allow color temperature re-calibration. To provide the best user experience, SGM's Color Match procedure ensures accurate wavelength reproduction within the product range via colored LEDs, dichroic filters, or CMY mixing (depending on the product); all of them specified to match the SGM color palette.

SGM's integrated patented Dehumidification process eliminates humidity and breaks down corrosive molecules deriving from polluted air to avoid destructive corrosion. Inbuilt dehumidifiers constantly remove trapped hydrogen from inside of the lighting fixture in a solid estate electrolytic process with no moving parts. The DryTechTM procedure is also based on a Ingress Protection rating of 65 or 66 (depending on the fixture), intended as a full protection against dust and other particles, while ensuring protection against direct water jets.

Specifications & datasheets

Optical Data
Beam Aperture Motorized
Beam Aperture Minimum -1 degree
Beam Apeture Maximum 30 degree
LED expected lifetime 20,000 hours
Lens 110° fixed
-1° to 30° (Beam aperture)
Lens diameter 320 mm
Lightsource High-power white LED (6,000K)
52 x cool white LEDs (8,000K)
Efficacy 102 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 50000 lm
Lumen per kilogram 1667 lm / Kg
Lux @ 10m 85000 lux
Lux @ 5m 200000 lux
Color options Black - RAL 9004
Custom color - Any RAL
White - RAL 9010
IK Rating IK07
IP class IP66
Lens material Glass parabolic reflector
Material Aluminium
Net dimensions 370 x 604 x 432 mm
Net dimensions inches 14.6 x 23.8 x 17 inches
Net weight 30 kg (66.2 lbs)
Addressable pixels 3 (Beam) + 4 (Strobe Blinder)
Calibration White calibration
Color wheel Wheel 1: 9 colors + open
Wheel 2: 9 colors + open (including CTO)
Dehumidifier Head
Dimming Electronic
Gobo wheel (1) 5 rotatable, indexable, and interchangeable gobos + open
LED panel 4 individually controllable segments (strobe blinder)
3 individually controllable segments (beam)
Other CTO filter
Independent control of Beam and Strobe Blinder
Pan 640°
Physical Head Straigt Up Height 578 mm
Power / DMX indicator Head
Strobe Ultra-high-speed strobe effects
3" Rounded Strobe Blinder
Tilt 190°
Tilt Locking System Yes
Variable aperture Collimated focal point up to 10 meters
View angle 110°
AC power, max. 100 - 264V 50/60Hz
AC Power, nominal 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Electrical Protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Max Inrush Current 70 A
Max power consumption 650 W
Max power thru @ 100 V 9 A
Max power thru @ 230 V 13 A
Power factor 0.96 PF (230 V)
Power Supply Unit Inbuilt IP 67 Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Standby power consumption 40 W
Typical power consumption 500 W
Programming and Control
16-bit control Dimmer, pan/tilt, gobo rotation/index, collimation, pixel
DMX channels 18, 22, 29 or 35
DMX modes 4
Protocol CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S
Setting and addressing RDM ANSI E1.20
Standalone mode
Wireless DMX Lumen Radio with RDM
DMX data in/out 5 meter cable for DMX In and DMX Thru
Power Power cable 5 meter with bare ends
Mounting point 4 x 2 M-10 locking points (suitable for two or four POI Omega Brackets)
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Hanging / horizontal mounted
Safety features Bottom mount for safety wire
Minimum distance to combutible materials: 0.3 meter (11 in).
Cooling Active, Forced Air, Temperature-regulated
Humidity (max.) 98 %
Temperature range, Operating -40°C to 50°C
Temperature range, Start-up -20°C to 50°C
Temperature range, Storage -40°C to 80°C
Thermal Protection Automatic overtemperature protection
Total Heat Dissipation, Max Power 2217.8 BTU per hour
Total Heat Dissipation, Standby 136.5 BTU per hour
Total Heat Dissipation, Typical Power 1706 BTU per hour
Included items
Included items POI Pignose-lock Key with magnet
Safety instructions and installation quick guide
8 M-10 screws
Glass Borosilicate high-temperature glass
Image diameter 23 mm
Maximum thickness glass 1.1 mm
Outside diameter 28 mm
Conforms To
CE - 2014/30/EU: EMC Directive EN 55103-2
EN 55015
EN 61547
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 55032
CE - 2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-17
EN 62471
EN 60529
RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU
UL UL Std. 1573
Certified To
CSA CSA Std. C22.2 No. 166

Certifications & classifications


Ordering information

Product name Item number
G-7 Beast, POI, BL 80203000
G-7 BeaSt, POI, WH 80203001
G-7 BeaSt, POI, CU 80203002
Accessories Item number
SGM USB uploader cable 83062011
Vacuum Test Kit 83061136
Omega Bracket POI 83060623

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